Security Awareness Training

Educating employees to be aware of an organisation’s security requirements can be one of the most effective ways to enhance the company’s overall security programme. Such IT security awareness training is also a cornerstone of many regulations and standards, making employee compliance education not only worthwhile, but essential.

Sovereign addresses the human element of security by providing a security awareness program and continuous training service to organizations’ staffs. Through this service, employees will understand and apply corporate security policies and procedures and become aware of their responsibilities for maintaining good physical operational and logical security.

Sovereign can deliver a number of onsite training sessions specifically targeted for different employee groups. These sessions are normally of two-hour duration and include:

  • Security Awareness for Executives
  • Security for SysAdmins
  • Developing Secure Web Applications (OWASP)
  • Deploying and Hardening of Web Server Infrastructure
  • Best practice in Network Security
  • Social Engineering – how to avoid the traps
  • PCI-DSS-
    • The overview – basic introduction of issuer/acquirer definition.
      • Understanding of banking models
      • Card transaction, card disputes, chargeback etc
      • Security 101/ PCI awareness
      • Basic knowledge of e-commerce internet
    • Intermediate – addition of Risk, PCI etc.
    • Advance – In-depth with an exam and certificate given.