Cyber Security testing

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Security breaches and attacks are a constant threat to any organisation. Our comprehensive testing and security implementation services get to the heart of your company’s potential vulnerabilities, offering bespoke solutions which are sympathetic to your working environment.

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Cyber Security testing

Penetration Testing & ASV Scans

Our ethical hacking services include customised website penetration testing to identify a range of potential vulnerabilities within your organisation, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting problems, phishing attacks and optimised firewall configuration, as well as flaws in application logic and session management flows.
We perform external vulnerability scans via an Approved Scanning Vendor, and our service is endorsed by the PCI Security Standards Council. We also offer comprehensive web application, external and internal network testing, which we recommend at least once per year, or following any significant upgrade or modification to your company’s IT infrastructure or applications.
  • Network testing
  • Web application security testing
  • Social engineering
  • Wireless testing
  • Application and API security code review
  • Mobile security testing
  • Firewall configuration review
  • Host configuration review