Cyber Security Testing

Cyber Security Testing

We conduct the following types of cyber security testing.

Network testing

Sovereign rigorously investigates your network to identify and exploit a wide range of security vulnerabilities. This enables us to establish if assets such as data can be compromised, classify the risks posed to your overall cyber security, prioritise vulnerabilities to be addressed, and recommend action to mitigate risks identified.

Web application security testing

Websites are essential for conducting business in today’s competitive digital economy. With one in every five pounds spent online, protecting your systems and data, including the personal details of customers, is vital for avoiding brand and reputational damage as well as ensuring compliance with PCI-DSS.

Sovereign’s ethical hacking services include website penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities including SQL injection and cross-site scripting problems plus flaws in application logic and session management flows.

Social engineering

Human behaviour continues to be one of the weakest links in an organisation’s cyber security. Sovereign’s customisable pen test service includes a range of vishing and phishing attacks designed to assess detection of spurious phone calls and email messages designed to trick employees into disclosing sensitive information and performing malicious actions.

Wireless testing

Unsecured wireless networks can enable attackers to enter your network and steal valuable data. Wireless penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities, quantifies the damage these could cause and determines how they should be remediated.

Application and API security code review

Security vulnerabilities contained within software are commonly exploited by cyber criminals and are easily introduced by under-pressure programmers that cut corners. Sovereign’s ethical hackers conduct automated and manual penetration tests to assess backend application logic and software and API source code.

Mobile security testing

Mobile app usage is on the rise, with more and more companies enabling customers to conveniently access their services via tablets and smartphones. Sovereign carries out in-depth mobile application assessments based on the latest development frameworks and security testing tools.

Firewall configuration review

Firewall rule sets can quickly become outdated, which increases information security risk. By attempting to breach your organisation’s firewalls, Sovereign’s penetration testers can detect unsafe configurations and recommend changes to optimise security and throughput.

Host configuration review

Host security is a fundamental part of cyber defence. Sovereign’s penetration testing services assess whether a host’s operating systems and applications have been appropriately hardened to provide protection against advanced system threats.